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Trimble Inc. is a Sunnyvale, California-based software as a service (SaaS) technology company. Trimble services global industries in Agriculture, Building & Construction, Geospatial, Natural Resources and Utilities, Governments, Transportation and others. Trimble also does hardware development of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers, laser rangefinders, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), inertial navigation systems and software processing tools. The company was founded in November 1978.

A former technician report specialist mentioned, "At Trimble you will be forced so far outside your job description you won't even remember what they originally hired you for. Refusal will be categorized as "bad attitude" and if you go along with it, they'll wring every drop of value they can out of you and give you petty excuses as to why you aren't advancing or moving up. The comp is decent for an entry level position, but not for what you'll be put through. Be prepared to give up every inch of your dignity and self respect while trying to do anything here."


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Former Employee - Marketing Communications Specialist says

"Not afraid to terminate employees at a moment notice. Seen the good ones get terminated and they keep the bad ones. I had 14 managers in 10 years, my last manager was the worst. These managers ranged from non-communicating to carefree to micromanager... just a horrible place to work. Not to mention that everything is so stressful... too much work and not enough workers. The managers I had were very sharp but had no domain expertise so their logic made no sense most of the time. Ugh... so happy that I'm not working there anymore."

Current Employee - Technical Support Analyst says

"No Communication, No Documentation, Always Stressed"

Former Employee - Senior Accountant says

"Culture is toxic; people are overworked; turnover is high; ERP systems are inadequate there is an unwillingness to upgrade them."

Former Employee - Technical Support Engineer says

"Unorganized Bad Startup culture snobby Unwilling to change Very hostile lack of women Google suite"

Former Employee - Senior Quality Test Engineer IV says

"No collaboration, Brick walls & major silos within the teams that are suppose to integrate. Set you up to fail and management will pretend to care to your face."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"“This is the worst place I’ve ever worked” was a common sentiment that I heard from many different members of the organization while working at VSS. The negative sentiments towards the organization were driven by a lack of basic business management best practices, such as creating a clear direction and regularly rewarding employees for meeting goals that moved in that direction. Overall work was driven by seemingly ad-hoc requests that lacked clarity and purpose rather than providing clear requirements that were written down in a project plan. Furthermore, there was a general lack of vision and strategy that was shared across the business and engineering teams. Software engineers spent a good deal of time working on tasks that they thought were in alignment with the business strategy only to be questioned as to why they had spent time working on that task and then disparaged for not getting any "real" work done. As you could imagine, a significant number of software engineers have quit out of frustration, many of them not even lasting a year in the organization."

Former Employee - Operations Manager says

"No care for employees/ customers. Will diminish a rich company they acquired by poor management decisions and lack of care of what they actually did. This is the worst company I could think of working for if you have a backbone and morals. Too political and back stabbing in the upper management positions too"

Production Operator says

"temporary to laid off, lay offs can happen on holidays"

Former Employee - Project Engineer says

"Pay and benefits are not competitive. After an acquisition most likely the product will be shelved instead of being integrated. High turn over. Departments do not talk to each other. Upper management inaccessible. No strong company culture."


"Just about everything else you can think of!"

Software Engineer Applicant (Former Employee) says

"These guys will leave your application hanging after the in-person interview. They even asked you to bother your job references and by completing the survey. It's a good decision that I did not asked my current boss to complete the survey. Don't waste your time on this unresponsive employer.noneunresponsive employer"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"You will be forced so far outside your job description you won't even remember what they originally hired you for. Refusal will be categorized as "bad attitude" and if you go along with it, they'll wring every drop of value they can out of you and give you petty excuses as to why you aren't advancing or moving up. The comp is decent for an entry level position, but not for what you'll be put through. Be prepared to give up every inch of your dignity and self respect while trying to do anything here."

Sales Engineer / Transportation Logistics (Former Employee) says

"not good not good not good not good nothing good about them no loyalty they steal , to the victor goes the spoils . never reckmened anythinh they have as it will change like the wind and sometimes you dont need it to stay the course."

Senior NPIE and Product Engineer, Timing Division (Former Employee) says

"This place had gone back to startup mode with no moral values. The management in Operations didn't know the products or their functions. So, they never understood the people who worked for them.Good people to work with except few really bad managersDirector of Operations drove people nuts and didn't know his functions or others and products"

Finance Director (Current Employee) says

"Those that aren't corporate drones should steer clear, it is a culture that will grind everything out of you that they are able to. Look elsewhere to be happy!"

Raise Gang Foreman (Former Employee) says

"Poor job management and lack of organization does not make for a productive working day. It makes the employees and the company look bad. You can only do so much with what you are given. If everyone is not on the same page, per say; good communication is a must in every working environment.Good peopleNone"

Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Lack of Drive and Motivation as a company. Lawsuits after lawsuits Racial Discrimination swept under rug No Future Management is a mess!Meet new people constantly being recycled through their temp systemManagement, no leadership"

Fulfillment Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They will work you to death for a whole year, and will not hire you! Management doesn’t speak or acknowledge you. Its a lot of high school drama in the Pack Out Department"

Tech engineer (Former Employee) says

"Trimble is a very very low tech company with terrible leadership that are cheap with every aspect of the business except for executive pay. Trimble is a joke with zero growth potential, low pay below market, and zero support from management. The worst company I’ve ever worked for with a toxic cultureBelow market pay, benefits, and incentives"

Marketing Director (Former Employee) says

"In my experience, the company hosts a lot of ineffective people who have worked there a long time and who continue to hire even less effective people reporting to them. The company also lacks a cohesive organizational or branding strategy to absorb its numerous ongoing acquisitions. In comparison with Trimble's competitors, there also is a complete lack of investment in or belief in the power of marketing. As a result, it's competitors' sales growth, brand visibility, and stock prices are much stronger.Some good and smart people.Poor leadership, lack of strategy, low investment marketing, completely unrealistic workload expectations, terrible management."

Director of WW Sales (Former Employee) says

"Excellent place to work. Very supportive managment that allows for individual contributions but availalbe when needed.Work Live balanceBig company attitued"

Service and Support Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This is the place if you want to be walked on, left in the dark and completely have a terrible workplace experience. The company touts a modern product all the while the work spaces and equipment is old and run down. Their engineers are complacent. Their managers are out of touch with todays reality. The products they sell are spec'd by competitors and do not meet the specifications they claim. This should be a law suit but most do not check the specs of their products they only trust the name and in this case what a falsehood.Free coffeeYou have to work with managers that lie to your face."

Software Development Engineer in Test (Current Employee) says

"There are some people that understand what a modern software company should be but most of them here do not. Until they get better management they will be facing the same problems."

Lead Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Worst politics in chennai Xops team .UK and & US management takes advantage of politics in chennai and threaten us .Discrimination Happens in floor discussing about personal problems and shouting at employee on floor .If raised to HR you will be forced to resign and trapped in your performance review . Hire and fire policy and no severance ppackageGood salary and profit sharingWorst politics, management and HR acts only against employee .Hire and fire policy ."

Lead Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Discriminating an employee very personally regarding personal issues and provoking to commit sucide in floor during business hours .Also HR joins hands and never take any action against against them instead threatens the victim employee and forces to resign and fire him in just a week ."

Office Associate/Warehouse MRB Associate (Former Employee) says

"Trimble Navigation does not have a good management team. Employees at the distribution center are treated different than all the other buildings in the area and they are very hard working. Trimble does not value their employees that are dedicated to their job and have been a good asset to the company. The local management team does not follow company policies."

Field operations (Former Employee) says

"I was lied to at the start of my employment, yesterday's technology at tomorrow's prices.. lots of world wide issues, in fighting between various depts. Treated like a plie of garbage, travelled at the back of the plane, had to beg for a cash advance, as your ex3pected to give the company a free loan.. without interest. Now they lost all of their big customers here in Australia, through fetching in managers from overseas that had no clues, one of these no clue managers moved the office closer to the city of Sydney as it was closer to his apartment, but meant the customers did not like it as they was positioned in the transportation hubs at the outer edgesHealth coververy unhelpful person in charge of payments"

Material Handler/Receiving/Driver (Former Employee) says

"Management tended to be people that had been there the longest and didn't have management training. Poor organization. I learned Oracle, Word, Excel, forklifts, and box truck driving. Workers tended to be unhappy and disgruntled..Poor managment, organization and benefits."

Repair officer (Current Employee) says

"Werk valt goed mee, is aangenaam. Jammer van de sfeer en het naast elkaar werken en communiseren van de mensen."

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"This company was strange, the training was minimal and you need to look everything up on how to do your job from training docs. The hands on training terrible (because it's minimal), the people skills in my dept. terrible. Being yelled at and bad attitude if you ask questions on how to do the job or have questions. Prayed to get out of this place and quick! Temp employees never staying, people are always being let go. I felt like I was being bullied by grown ups, never have I been treated like I was at this place. I have worked in Government, Aerospace industries and never have I been trained or treated like they treated me here. Open floor, no privacy, can hear everyone's conversations. Loud workplace, people talking about each other and their work habits, how they are going to review their work and the scores they are going to give them and why, very uncomfortable and strange.NoneBad management - Training - People Skills"

James says

"Worst product I’ve used yet. Even topcon is better"

gavin ross says

"Absolute rubbish copilot navigation, this company is rubbish, basic items such as changing passwords or email addresses is sooo poor and time consuming, not to mention confusing , when in relaity its a simple task, rubbish support, everything by emails, takes hundreds of emails back and forth to try and get answers, even then you dont get them, no contact phone numbers, avoid like the plague, copilot navigation could be good if it were not for the pathetic support, avoid, avoid ,avoid"

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